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Faculty of Senses


E-mail: lars@facultyofsenses.dk
Telephone: +45 52550030

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Kommunal Kunst og Teknik
Blågårds Plads 5
2200 København N

Refshalevej 167
1432 København K

Rytmisk Center
Vesterbrogade 107 E
1620 København V


Faculty of Senses is an organisation that formalises the productions, research and teaching activities caried out by its founder Lars Kynde.

Composers of today take on multible roles besides that of composing music, whether this is as managers, concert organisers, promoters or performers. This is especially the case for Lars Kynde as his estetics necessitate the use of an extremely broard veriety of disciplines: Designing, Crafting, Composing, Staging, Directing, Performing. He operates within an interdisciplinary field between Contemporary Music, Abstract Theatre, Conceptual art and Music Instrument Research and often in collaboration with experts within related fields.

Faculty of Senses is a framework for all these activities.


Faculty of Senses wish to:

-Grow beyond the limitations of its founder and to promote and facilitate the activities of other interdisciplinary like minded artists.

-bring attention to an artistic field which is not represented sufficiently within the traditional institutions. In doing so it wishes to colaborate with other organisations.

-Streamline management and administration by joining forces with other self-managed artists also struggeling with increesing adminestrative workloads and together hiring professional staff for this porpose.