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Where does the ideas come from? I am often asked. Often I don't consider my ideas ideas really, but merely a consequence of what I have meet or a reply to something I heard.

This reference section is actually meant for my self to look back and easily re-find sources that I found interesting or in some way inspirational. But you can read a long. If you are interested in my works there may very well be some of these sources that you find inspiring as well.

These sources will also set a context for my works as this is what was on my mind in the time of creation. Probably some of the topics can be re-found in my works in more or less filtered or subconscious ways.

In addition I find it important to refer to the sources of inspiration especially when I feel these has had a direct impact on specific pieces similar to the way the scientist refer his or her sources. The sources are not used to proof, justify or argue for the outcome like it would be in a scientific context, but it is a way to credit others who have managed to sparkle something in me and a way to help tracking the flow of ideas.

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