Play it on the Sky

— Borderless praxis with kites —

Play it on the Sky, Borderless praxis with kites, Støberiet, Copenhagen, September 17th 2021

First Workshop: How can we transform an urban space into kites?

Faculty of Senses is pleased to invite you for an inquiring workshop to transform the space of Blågårds Plads at Nørrebro by building and flying kites.
The workshop is facilitated by artist Toshie and Víctor Valqui Vidal.

September 17th 2021

‘Play it on the Sky – Borderless praxis with kites’ is a new experimental platform to explore the act of kite building and flying; its traditional yet generic multicultural aspect, its physical and metaphorical potential and it as a form of art, music and/or manifestation. The project aims to form an open community. We are curious, if we can play with kites as intersectional and borderless praxis. We are also curious if we can draw on the sky with kites like Kandinsky creates his compositions on his canvases.

Play it on the Sky wishes to continue creating, gathering and happening with kites and/or culture around the kite over a long term.

During the first workshop, we will use the material which are used to build traditional form of kites in Japan - thin strips of bamboo and washi paper - these as reference and critical reflective point of the tradition. On the last day of the workshop, we try to fly the kites on top of Korsgadehallen – the urban hill which is surrounded by apartment buildings.

Dates: 17th - 19th Sep 2021

Friday 17th: Kl.16.30 to kl. 18:30
Saturday 18th. Kl. 11.00 - kl.17.00
Sunday 19th kl. 11.00 - kl. 17.00

(Small lunch will be provided on
Saturday and Sunday)

Location: Korsgadehallen
Korsgade 29
2200 København N

Language: English (Danish also possible)

Participation: Max 12 (Suitable for ages 15+ otherwise accompanied by adult)

Reservation will be made at the payment of participation fee 50 DKK.
Cancellations received less than 7 days prior to the workshop or absence from the workshop will not be refunded.

Reservation: and Mobile Pay 50396861 (Write Name and "Play it on the Sky” on the comment)

Or this Billetto link

About the artists:

Toshie Takeuchi

"I investigate people’s personal memories and stories in and around specific places, specially focusing on over-looked or disregarded ones. I am interested in how narratives are curated and structured, how microscopic stories of individuals or small local cities can challenge on greater structure creating public narratives and how they can participate in suggesting different/new perspectives at geo-political level.... My research is often result in films, performances or photographic installations."

Víctor Valqui Vidal

Víctor Valqui Vidal is Mathematician, Engineer, Cultural Sociologist, Performer, Visual Artist and Poet. Born in Lima, Experienced facilitator of workshops for small business, artists, educational centers, and activists. Chairman of Astrid Noack Atelier.