Workshops and Seminars

Play it on the Sky — Borderless praxis with kites
Workshop with Toshie Takeuchi and Victor Valqui Vidal
(Sept. 17th - 19th, 2021)

Play it on the sky

How can we transform an urban space into kites?
Transforming the space of Blågårds Plads at Nørrebro by building and flying kites. The workshop is facilitated by artist Toshie and Victor Valqui Vidal.

Contamination as Collaboration
Workshop with Sissel Marie Tonn
(June 27th, 2021)

Sissel Marie Tonn Workshop

In the workshop, Sissel Marie Tonn will introduce the themes of her artistic practice and facilitate a collective world-building workshop, a site-specific science-fiction storytelling using Echoes - an open-source mobile app that can create GPS-triggered audio tours.

DIY Instrument Building
Workshop with Yuri Landman
(Oct. 15th - 18th 2020)

Yuri Landman Workshop

We're happy to invite you for a 4 day workshop with Yuri Landman. Yuri is a Dutch musician and an inventor of experimental music instruments.
We will build 4 instruments: ‘Hacked Hard Disc’, ‘Home Swinger’, ‘Tunable Kalimba’ and ‘Yuri Phone Home’.

Workshop 10-12 years
(Feb. 25th - November 7th 2020)

We'll meet every tuesday to design, build, compose and practice our own instruments towards concert at the Klang festival 2020

Score Creation
Seminar with Lars Kynde
(January 27th, 2020)

Why do we need visual representations of sound? And which functions has music notation satisfied historically? Does notation still perform the same function today? Can we imagine new forms of notation that better meet the needs we look towards in the future?
Seminar 8PM at Støberiet, Copenhagen.

Score Creation
Workshop for artists
(Feb. 12th - Mar. 4th 2020)

Gennem fire dage går vi i krig med udvikling af vores egne personlige notationsformer. Hver deltager tager udgangspunkt i sin egen musik og finder frem til den bedste notationsform for netop deres værk.