Composition Laboratory

The Composition Laboratory is neither a school nor a research institute, but something in-between. It is a collection of workshops inspired by a Humboldtian philosophy of Bildung, being a holistic combination of research and education aiming at personal and cultural maturation rather than training of traditional skills.

Workshop 10-12 years
(Feb. 25th - May 30th 2020)

We'll meet every tuesday to design, build, compose and practice our own instruments towards concert at the Klang festival 2020

Score Creation
Seminar with Lars Kynde
(January 27th, 2020)

Why do we need visual representations of sound? And which functions has music notation satisfied historically? Does notation still perform the same function today? Can we imagine new forms of notation that better meet the needs we look towards in the future?
Seminar 8PM at Støberiet, Copenhagen.

Score Creation
Workshop for artists
(Feb. 12th - Mar. 4th 2020)

Gennem fire dage går vi i krig med udvikling af vores egne personlige notationsformer. Hver deltager tager udgangspunkt i sin egen musik og finder frem til den bedste notationsform for netop deres værk.

The laboratory is on one hand the place for professional composers, musicians, sound-artists, and visual artists who wish to explore new interdisciplinary forms of music composition. We do so by sharing ideas and by inviting experts in the field to gain new inspiration.
On the other hand it is the place to invite the next generation in to this interdisciplinary community. The young generation (down to 10 years of age) is being inspired to take part in the explorations, not by being taught, but by being listened to, by being taken serious and by being treated as equals within the community.

We try to avoid the traditional teacher-student one-directional knowledge flow, and aim instead at searching together for the common unknown.